How To Size A Replacement RV Mattress

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RV Mattress vs Residential Mattress

Rv mattresses are not the same as a residential mattress. Mattresses in an RV tend to be shorter, narrower and not as thick as a residential mattress. An RV makes use of every inch of space all amenities and storage. Weight is also a consideration, therefore an RV mattresses will be a lighter weight than a mattress for your home.

Determine your RV mattress size

There are 11 common rv mattress sizes from twin to king size. Depending on the size of your RV will determine what size works best for you. The most common mattress size is a RV full/double, it measures 53 in. x 75 in..

RV Mattress Size Guide

RV Twin Mattress – 28 X 75-80 in

RV Bunk Mattress – 28-35 X 75-80 in

RV Truck Mattress – 35-42 X 79-80 in

RV Three Quarter Mattress – 48 X 75 in

RV Full/Double Mattress – 53 X 75 in

RV Short Queen Mattress – 60 X 75 in

RV Queen Mattress – 60 X 80 in

RV Short King Mattress – 72 X 75 in

RV King Mattress – 72 X 80 in

RV Eastern King Mattress – 76 X 80 in

RV California King Mattress – 72 X 84 in

Determine Your RV Mattress Size

The best way to determine what size mattress you need is to measure the old mattress or even better measure the base area that the mattress rests on. Measuring the base is more accurate because the mattress in your RV may have been replaced with the wrong size or older mattresses may have lost its shape over time.

RV Mattress Types

There are a variety of materials used to make mattresses to suit any budget and comfort level.

Innerspring or Coil RV Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are very affordable and offer pillow top cushioning. There is a chance the coils may rust if you travel in hot and humid areas.

Foam RV Mattress

This is the most common RV mattress because of its price. The density of the foam is a little on the light side and can’t withstand much body weight leaving depressions in the mattress over time. This type of mattress would be a good option if you only use your RV a few times a year. If you like the idea of a foam mattress and are looking for something more durable and comfortable, consider a memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam RV Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are usually made with several layers of foam. A high density layer as the base and a memory foam layer on the top. They also can be made with a cooling gel layer to avoid getting hot.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattress can be pricey but are long lasting.


A hybrid mattress is made of a mix of different style mattresses. They will consist of different layers of foam as well as coil springs for comfort.

Air Mattress

An air mattress may appeal to you because of the weight savings. They do make some that can offer different firmness levels for each sleeper, but they are also expensive. It may not be as comfortable as other options. There is also the risk of a leak that will ruin a good night’s sleep.